Within Reach  ~  מרחק נגיעה

Ashdod Museum of Art  |  Curator: Iris Mendel  |  2016

"Dana Darvish's works, presented in three different locations, are linked by a thematic and formal connection that gradually unfolds throughout the exhibition. The works are characterized by a dark monochromatic palette, and revolve around a static female figure that undergoes transformation, or rather – is trapped in a state of transforming, unable to leave or escape. Like three enigmatic Venuses in different poses, connected to one another in a genealogical relation. The videos and the photograph, created in the technique of collage, are comprised of images that the artist selected from ready-made photographs and films. Out of these "archeological" layers and the interplay between the tangible and the ephemeral, emerges a new, fabricated, and anonymous identity..."

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Rear View
Video, 2012


Untitled (After Man Ray)
Inkjet print on archival paper, 120x80cm, 2015

Slave To The Rhythm
Video, 2012

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