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The Destruction of all Art  ~  הרס כל האמנות

Montage  |  Inkjet print, 42x32 cm  |  since 2014

״A special section in the exhibition is dedicated to previous works by the artist, created since 2014 under the title "The Destruction of All Art". These are collages that join together different images like artworks, commercials, and movie stills. The act of putting the different images together produces for them a different history, organs they did not know, words they could not imagine. "The Destruction of All Art" also features images of animals, which take on meanings connected to the body, to sexuality, language and more. Here, however, they join a whole spectrum of images that travel through visual history, foreign images that peek under each other, are swallowed up or cut into each other as if they were always hidden there.״

Leah Abir, Curator

from the exhibition text "Actual Animsls"

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