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The Destruction of all Art  ~  הרס כל האמנות

Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem  |  Curator: Ilanit Konopny  |  2024

"Dana Darvish has been working for two decades in photography-based practices. She combines techniques such as montage, manual collage, video and photography, which she sometimes merges in placements with objects and words. Dervish breaks the boundaries of images and identities; assimilates bodies of different species and reveals the raw connections between them; Removes information, blurs and corrects it until a new hybrid is created. Most of her works focus on the concepts of citation and source, and declare a feminist and critical position towards society and culture, towards the field of art and towards its system of representations. Her works are a non-final, ongoing study of sex and body, soul and grief, emptiness and loss, woman and animal."

Exhibition Catalog (pdf)

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