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Made of Stone  ~  עשוי מאבן

The Roman Square, Damascus Gate, Jerusalem  |  Curator: Tali Ben Nun  |  2014

“Darvish plans fictional museal artifacts in the Roman Square’s permanent display, disrupting the historical narrative of the place. A postcard dispenser become a functional alter for an image on the cover of a book about the sculptures of the classical world. The use of the readymade image bearing a price (5.00 €) undermines the spiritual value of the original art object. Another object that Darvish plants in the permanent display in front of the Aelia Capitolina mosaic model is an archival photograph of a royal necklace found in the room of Tutankhamun by a delegation of British explorers. This valuable jewel- which Darvish presents to the viewer on fabricated support - stands for the cultural, artistic and economic legacy of Ancient Egypt. Darvish managed to draw imaginary lines between three objects from different origins, and through them produce a new image that sheds a different light on the relations between the poetic, the historical, and the eternal in art.”

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