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Lily  ~  לילי

Video  |  2:00 min  |  2005

"The evening gave to the audience the film "Lily", a brilliant animation of Dana Darvish. A naked woman with a tiger head, hands and legs plays with what seems as a tigress tail. She begets a swan from between her legs. In the end, she use the swan to masturbate during she swallowing him from down to up and grows his wings to her self in order to fly out of the stage. Image and anti-image of a woman is merging in successfully. The autonomous woman, who does not need a man, she is also an animal- woman, a nature- woman with all the masculine stereotypes. Under the cover of a light-footed post-feministic hidden a serious substance. This is a pop-video on its best."

Hamutal Shtrangset and Ulrich Gottmaire
Studio Magazine vol.165, June- July 2006

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