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Kad alla Ras  ~  כד על הראס  ~  كاد على الرأس

Due-show with Rami Maymom  |  Oded Shatil Contemporary Art Space  |  2018

* [ A jug over a head]

Kad: Hebrew for jug; Ras: Arabic for head

One is always the index of a multiplicity: an event, a singularity, a life...

Like a "Body Without Organs," an open plateau with no defined borders, or a collage with multiple sequences and possibilities – Rami Maymon and Dana Darvish create new forms for the sensory and intellectual experience. They operate in an open system that allows them to lose control, crumble identities, and construct new ones. Past and future are non-hierarchical events: the past is active in the present, as a dynamic source within reality, continually changing, regenerating, existing..."

Text by Ilanit Konopny. Continue reading  hebrew | Engish

Review by Uzi Zur, HaAretz, 2018

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