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Black Box  |  קופסא שחורה

2nd International Photography Festival, Jaffa Port  |  Curator: Rami Maymon  |  2012

Black box is a device designed to register and document, by analogical or digital means, various data such as speed, motion, speech and various physical forces in space shuttles, airplanes, ships and trains. In the event of an accident or disaster, it is possible to turn to the protected box to try to decipher, through the succession of the recent activities registered, the circumstances of the event. Black box is also a philosophical and psychological theory dealing with hidden and internal processes that occur in the consciousness of a human being.

The exhibition suggests contemplation of photography, which looks inwards on itself, “silent” photography that is in no hurry to say anything about the world but rather examines the act of photography itself.

The works in the exhibition deal with the impression of movement, repetition, reflexivity or sculptural action, they move on an axis between realism and abstraction, between modernism and design to surrealism and material, between expressionism to conceptual photography. The grouping of images gives rise to thoughts about a new potential in photography as well as motivations connected with the early discoveries of this medium. It attempts to offer renewed contemplation of the photographic subconscious in which the image demands autonomy and freedom from representative activities.

Artists: Harold Edgerton, Yair Barak, Uri Gershuni, Josef DadouneDana Darvish, Rami Maymon, Gregory Kaplowitz, Gerhard Riebicke, Etty Schwartz, Assaf Shaham, unknown photographer.

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