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Actual Animals  ~  נפש חיה בי

Arad Contemporary Art Center  |  Solo Exhibition  |  Curator: Leah Abir  |  2021

״During her stay in Arad, Dana Darvish found herself repeatedly returning to one place: on the outskirts of the city, in the industrial area, near the factories and the main landfill, where free dogs live. They are not pets but also not wild animals. Every evening, activists from the "Arad Lachay" animal welfare organization come there to feed and water these dogs, the outcasts, the expelled, who have been pushed beyond the boundaries of sight. In what looks like wilderness and aridity, like piles of neglected remains and alienated industrial buildings, Darvish's look at the lives of the outcast dogs community reveals to us powerful, proud and hunched forces, of survival, compassion, family and friendship..."


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Review by Gilad Raich at Erev-Rav 

Review at Haaretz newspaper

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Actual Animals
Exhibit A
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Actual Animals
Installation View

Photography: Lena Gomon

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Actual Animals
Exhibit B
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